We have ordered so many different cakes for various occasions. Her artistry and ingenuity to create cakes to match any party theme is top notch. Sometimes we didn't want to ruin the cake but we had to, the taste was even better! She met every request we had to make our gatherings even more special. Thank you Paula for always going above and beyond!

~ Genevive 


Paula’s cakes are perfect in terms of design, taste and pricing! I ordered two cakes from her so far, one was a baby shower cake in the shape of a diaper and the other was a two tiered birthday cake with paw patrol theme. I showed her the pics and she replicated the designs to the T. The baby shower cake was a vanilla cake with caramel frosting and the birthday cake was a mix of vanilla and chocolate cake. Both the times guests raved about the cakes for the taste and the designs. And she priced the cakes very reasonably compared to other bakers I checked with. Also, she personally delivered the cakes for me as part of the whole service. Paula knows her craft and is very swift with her response. I definitely plan to order from her for my future events! 

~ Khadiza C 


I love Paula’s cakes for the very many reasons:

Whatever, and I mean whatever I ask her to create A grassy scene with a Vizsla, Hunter with gun drawn and pheasant

An exact replica of C8 Corvette

Barn yard scene with exact replicas of each of the birthday girl’s BFF including, dogs, goats and horses, she manages to out due my expectations! Thank you, Paula! You’re amazing!! 

~ Lisa W

I just love Paula’s cakes and cupcake creations. I’ve booked her baking services for the last 4 year’s. Paula has made my birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes and did my brother and his wife’s very beautiful wedding cake. It was fabulous.

My friend who lives in Milwaukee actually books Paula for her Event’s in California. Paula has done her baby shower’ cakes and several birthday party cakes.

Paula’s cakes and cupcakes are flavorful, presented beautifully and taste like your grandmother’s homemade cakes. She baked sweet potato cupcakes for one of my friend’s birthday this year and my friend ordered dozens of cupcakes too. Everyone raved about the cupcakes.

Paula is creative, easy to work with and kind. I definitely recommend her baking services for your special occasion.

~ Mischwa Murphy-McAdams Bronze Girl Productions 

I am immensely grateful to the talented baker who brought my vision to life. Their understanding of my desires and attention to detail surpassed all expectations. The black wedding cake not only added a touch of elegance to our celebration but also became a symbol of our love story—a beautiful blend of tradition and adventure.

The taste of the black wedding cake was equally remarkable. With each delectable bite, a symphony of flavors danced on my palate. The moist cake layers were paired with a luscious filling, creating a harmonious blend of indulgence. The chocolatey richness and smooth texture of the cake delighted not only my taste buds but also those of our cherished guests. It was a true testament to the skill and expertise of the baker.

Lastly, from the moment we laid our eyes on my black wedding cake, I was captivated. Its elegant design and dark allure perfectly complemented the theme of our wedding, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and sophistication. The intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship showcased the immense talent of the baker who brought my dream cake to life. Thank you again. 

~ Erica P

We were fortunate to have Paula Ashcroft create the most beautiful birthday cakes, first for my husband’s sixtieth (a classic sailboat atop a calm sea) and for my sixtieth (a stack of three of my favorite books). Paula’s attention to detail is amazing, and not only are these splendidly decorated, they are absolutely delicious as well.

I would recommend Ms. Ashcroft for any and all of your cake wishes, from unicorns and birthday characters to the most elegant multi-tier wedding cakes. She listens to what you want and delivers precisely what you asked for.

~ Tracy and Jim Handley

Paula makes the most amazing and delicious cakes!  She can make a cake that is shaped like anything (underlined) that you can think of!  And they are so tasty!  Get creative and get a beautiful and delicious cake for your next event!

~ Nancy B

I wanted to thank you so much Paula!  for the awesome cake that you made for Efren 50th birthday .  It looked amazing!!! I have to tell you that there wasn’t any cake left at the end of the evening!! many people came up to me and told me that it was delicious!

Thank you again for all that hard work!! I have ordered many cakes from Paula and she always does awesome work, she is very creative…

~ Catherine 


Paula’s cakes is one of the best bakeries I’ve ever seen, let alone tasted! Paula was always pleasant to work with when it came to designing cakes for our events. She became a family to us because every time we brought a cake my family and friends would always tell me make sure you order from Paula. Paula thank you for always making our events looks fancy with your beautiful cake. 

~ Faye C